Born in rural Kentucky in the early 1980s, Anne F. Kiernan began her career as an artist inspired by the colors and images that surrounded her on her family’s farm. Shaped by the abundant creativity of play, an encouraging family, and teachers who sought out opportunities to share what they had, Kiernan studied drawing and painting at Centre College and went on to obtain a B.A. in Fine Arts at Campbellsville University, with a focus in photography. In the years following, she worked both as a wedding and portrait photographer, while also creating mixed media art exhibited in art festivals and local shows, including the Lowertown Art Festival and Francisco's Farm Art Festival. She was also an invited speaker for creative conference workshops at her alma mater, speaking on creativity in faith communities.  

After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2007, she continued to speak and exhibit occasionally, but has only recently returned to painting. Working with acrylic on canvas, Kiernan is currently developing a body of nonrepresentational explorations of light, space, and movement. Trademark to her pieces are bright, vibrant colors. Paired with each visual representation are short writings designed to capture pieces of her story, offering the viewer a deeper experience of the work she creates.

For Kiernan, her work isn’t just about the art itself. It’s about the brave act of creativity. She embraces childlike play in her work, capturing the peace and joy seated within her core. Her bold acts of creativity invite those who encounter her work to discover and explore the inherent creativity within themselves. Will you join her in this pursuit of life-giving, courageous, wholehearted creativity?