red #1

red #1


Acrylic painting on watercolor canvas.

Unframed with edges finished white.

Dimensions: 36” x 24” x .75”

This piece is part of the yes/and: a story of play series.

Each piece is a victory. A moment of saying yes/and (what if) to brave acts of creativity, childlike play, and life more fully lived.

Perfectionism is kind of an ugly thing, so with this series I have intentionally embraced childlike play in my work as an invitation to you. It’s an invitation discover and explore the inherent creativity within yourself. I’ve taken workday doodles, scaled them to canvas, and what you see here is the result of saying yes to that what if question.

The limited palette of bright, vibrant colors tie together softer organic spaces with structured lines and shapes in a way that reveals a core theme of who I am and of this story of play. They are wrapped up in one another in a way that seeks to display the beauty of the other.  Both are true. Both are needed. Both in this art and in this life.

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